Asphalt Services and Sealcoating
for the Hinton, WV, Area

Asphalt Contracting Services for Summers County, WV

Asphalt pavement is an attractive and durable material for paving many different types of areas in Summers County, WV. This includes driveways, private roads, parking lots, tennis courts, playgrounds, walkways and many more. East Coast Asphalt LLC offers professional asphalt services to residents in Hinton, WV, and the surrounding communities. Call the professionals at East Coast Asphalt LLC for a free estimate at (888) 587-3256 or (304) 252-3256.

Professional Services At Budget Friendly Prices for Our Clients

East Coast Asphalt LLC offers our asphalt paving services to communities such as Brooks, Indian Mills and Pipestem. If you are in need of installations, repair, resurfacing or sealcoating, our team can handle it all. We are the professionals you can trust in Green Sulphur Springs, Hix and Lowell to get the job done efficiently at a budget friendly price.

We Are The Experts in Asphalt Services for:

  • Driveways
  • Private Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Tennis Courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Walkways

Keep Roads and Parking Lots Looking Great with Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a great way to keep the asphalt surfaces on your property looking great and lasting for many years. Performing regular maintenance on the asphalt paved areas of your property can help keep it looking great for a lifetime. East Coast Asphalt, LLC recommends having sealcoating done every two to three years to prevent small problems from becoming something that requires a major repair like a crack or pothole. With sealcoating your asphalt pavement is protected from the constant use from vehicles and pedestrians. It helps restore the asphalt from structural damage caused by moisture and UV rays. If you live in communities such as Forest Hill, Sandstone, Nimitz or Pence Springs, you can depend on us for your entire asphalt pavement repair and sealcoating needs.

East Coast Asphalt is Proud to Serve the Following Communities:

  • Hinton
  • Brooks
  • Green Sulphur Springs
  • Forest Hill
  • Hix
  • Indian Mills
  • Lowell
  • Talcott
  • Sandstone
  • Nimitz
  • Pence Springs
  • Pipestem
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