for Christiansburg, VA & Beckley ,WV

Professional Sealcoating for Virginia and West Virginia

Paved surfaces, such as roads, driveways or parking lots, bear a lot of abuse from the constant use from vehicles and exposure to different weather conditions. Sealcoating allows surfaces to last longer while also saving you money. Regular maintenance every few years can prevent more extensive and costly repairs. It does this by projecting the paved surface from UV rays, chemicals, oils, rain, snow and ice. Sealcoating also allows the paving material to maintain its smooth and slip resistant surface. With sealcoating residential and commercial customers can improve the look of pavement on their property. Our crew has the equipment and expertise to seal coat any paved surface. Call the professionals at East Coast Asphalt, LLC for a free estimate at (888) 587-3256.

Sealcoating for Parking Lot Maintenance for Area Businesses

Sealcoating is a great option for area businesses to keep their parking lots looking great and convenient for their customers to use. When done every few years, sealcoating will double the lifespan of a paved parking lot. Sealcoating can give new life to dull looking parking lots and also refresh your business. Sealcoating will also help keep water, oil and gas away from the layers and foundation of the pavement.

Sealcoating for Southwestern Virginia & Southern West Virginia Roads

Whether you live in southwestern Virginia or southern West Virginia, road maintenance is an important step in keeping drivers and pedestrians safe. East Coast Asphalt LLC recommend regular maintenance to prevent more costly repairs in the future. With a good foundation and sealcoating every few years, your paved road will last a lifetime. Since your saving money on repairs, your wallet will be happy as well. Protect the roads on your property from stressors such as the weather with sealcoating. The solution creates a barrier that helps prevent moisture, chemicals and oils from seeping into the surface of the paving and cause structural damage.

We offer Sealcoating Services for:

  • Driveways
  • Private Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Tennis Courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Walkways